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Boat Improvement Projects

In the spirit of do-it-yourselfers worldwide, Rick continues to make improvements for Sea Gator's betterment.

Some of the more interesting projects - including instructions - are described here:
Anchor Alarm

Added security on a stormy night: Rick designs and builds a stand-alone portable GPS-based anchor alarm (January 2008)

Project update: Anchor Alarm-
The Sequel
Anchor Alarm Refined: The project proves worthy of modifications and improvements (February 2009)
Purchase info: Anchor Alarm-
Purchasing Information
In response to popular demand the Anchor Alarm is available for purchase (April 2010)
Users' Guide: Users Guide
Portable Anchor Alarm User's Guide
PDF download (400 KB)
Bilge Pump Alarm Water rising in the bilge? Rick designs and builds dual visual and audio alarms to sound when either bilge pump is activated (August 2009)
Water Level Gauge Monitoring water use with a high-tech water sensor: Rick designs and builds a sensor to monitor water supply aboard (December 2007)

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Anchor Alarm Now Available for Purchase

In response to popular demand a limited number of Rick's portable GPS-based anchor alarms are now available.
See Anchor Alarm - Purchase Information for details.