People, Places and Things

Some stories ask for more than a paragraph or two in a Travelogue.

Some stories need to be told, in their own good time, and that's what these pages are about:

Sketches of some of the people we've come to know because "Every Life is a Story";

Tours of some of the places we've visited, whether on or off a map - watch out because "Here Be Dragons"; and

Descriptions of some of the stuff we've come across because I was curious: "What's This Thingy?".

Not all of the articles and interviews are necessarily boat-related, but they are all among the many stories waiting to be told.
The Ghost and Captain Jack A WWII sailor relives an uncanny encounter
Sweet Life at the Home of Honey Behind the scenes at the legendary family-owned Harold P. Curtis Honey Company, LaBelle FL
Women On Board 25 Women Share Their Experiences of Taking on the Great Loop and Other Long-Distance Cruising & Sailing Adventures

Click to read Chapter 8 by Sea Gator's own Pat Ehrman
Boathook What is a hook on a pole, used for retrieving or picking up objects and for fending off? A boathook is an invaluable tool, and our website's namesake
Fort Jefferson A camping trip from Key West to the Dry Tortugas and Fort Jefferson
Outward Bound - An Inward Journey Meet Jeff Lovett, Sea Programs Director for Outward Bound.
"There is more to us than we know. If we can be made to see it, perhaps, for the rest of our lives, we will be unwilling to settle for less." - Kurt Hahn, Outward Bound founder
The Citrus Caper of Cape Haze A bumper crop; Lavender Scallops; Suggested readings
Following Her Bliss:
Nathalie's Handcrafted Jewelry
"I have always had my eyes open to new things."
Captain Eddy Provost Bus Driver: An Interlude in the Life of Captain Eddy Provost "When Hurricane Bill roars over a sailboat and the boat capsizes, a pregnant woman and a few hostile survivors are set adrift, and they must somehow work together until they are rescued..."
Tales of Kidnap Money "It seems the only thing I ever did better than accrue debt was accumulate life experiences..."
The true adventures of Mark Ransom

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