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Anchor Alarm - Purchase Information

by Rick
April 20, 2010

Last updated October 1, 2015

Since I wrote about the prototype anchor alarm and its successor I have received a number of inquiries about purchasing a unit:

"Can I buy one of your anchor alarms?"
"Have you put the anchor alarm into production?"
"Are anchor alarms for sale?"
"Do you have any units available for sale?"

Since you asked...

And yes.

To date, I have produced several small batches of the devices, which I have been selling for my cost of materials in exchange for comments and feedback. Comments from existing users have all been positive (see below) and they have yielded a number of suggestions for improvements that I will be considering for future batches.

Since I still have a real job that is necessary to pay the bills, production of the anchor alarms has remained a hobby. I will be investigating the requirements to redesign for manufacturing but for now I will continue to build in small batches. Unfortunately, there are few economies of scale when producing in small batches.

Get 'em While They're Hot

My cost of materials in each unit is $175.00.

I'll keep the quantity in stock on this page updated. If you are interested in buying a unit and are willing to provide comments and feedback, just send me an email using the link on the Contact Us page.

Again, the cost for a unit is currently $175 plus shipping and handling, and you can pay using PayPal.

I'll keep this page updated with future developments. Thanks for reading.

What Users are Saying

The primary feedback is that it's a great piece of kit and has done exactly what I wanted it to. It has given me peace of mind at anchor overnight. It has only false alarmed once and that was my fault for setting it too tight because I was on a mooring ball rather than at anchor and didn't realise quite how far the mooring would move (such is the ease of use and reassurance it provides I set it when on a mooring ball as well because on a bad day they could potentially break away). So in short I'd recommend it right as it is, great bit of kit.
— I.F., United Kingdom

I am writing to inquire if you are still selling your Portable Anchor Alarms. I am not currently in the market for one (we sold our boat a year ago) but I am already looking ahead to our next boat and I never want to be without one! We had it onboard for two years and it worked perfectly and gave me many sound nights of sleep that I never got when we didn't have an anchor alarm (we were on a trawler and the chartplotter with the anchor alarm on it was on a different deck and could not be heard below deck where we slept).

Let me know if you still make and sell them please! I may just buy one to have it for when we get another boat!

— B.S., South Carolina

Rick this is an awesome device! We have been in British Columbia for the past 6 weeks and set the alarm every night. I had a bit of a learning curve to overcome but now we sleep very well. ... Thanks so much for your engineering thoughtfulness.
— J.B., Washington

Hi Rick,

Firstly let me thank you on a great product. We have had a good chance to use and evaluate it, I think we have spent almost 30 nights on it now. It does exactly what you say it does, which is pretty rare at least this side of the Atlantic in connection with anything marine.

It's quite hard to think of much that could be done to improve it. Being mostly metric here the distance read out would be nice in meters but then you would probably like it in feet so there would have to be a menu to choose the units and the lack of one is just what makes it so easy to use.

... We have called the alarm "RICK" not after you of course, but Really Ingenious Clever Kit!

Many thanks for almost a month of easy nights sleep.

— A.F.W., United Kingdom

We recently sold our Bavaria 40 which we installed your anchor alarm on quite some years ago. We used it every time we were at anchor and it proved simple and reliable, which is exactly what we wanted from it.

We've since purchased a Wauquiez Centurion 45s and I can't stand the thought of not having the same alarm onboard. Are you still able to supply a unit?

— C.C., Australia

We have been using our anchor alarm for about 5 years. We've used it on the West Coast of FL, the Keys, the East Coast and the Bahamas. We depend on it for restful nights. We're on our anchor at least 3 months every winter season. It is very versatile, accurate and easy to use.

When the weather is really bad we adjust the settings for very close tolerance so that if there is any change we will be notified immediately.

We have recommended it to many of our boating friends. Thank you for such a wonderful invention and product.

— G.W., North Carolina

Dear Rick,

Our faithful Anchor Alarm has become our most favored product aboard our 46' Hylas. It is spot-on accurate and provides us with complete confidence wherever we are anchored. Since our purchase of the Anchor Alarm we've departed the United States and have been "on the hook" virtually the entire time...300 nights of good sleep. We are indebted to you.

During a rough passage from Bora Bora to Niue our little unit was thrown to the cabin sole from its usual perch at our nav desk. One of the green buttons was broken and, thus, we can't "set" the position of the anchor. Other than that, the other functions (GPS, etc.) all work. We would like to purchase a new unit from you, but also hope we might ship the broken unit back to you for a quick repair and use the repaired unit as a backup. We have become so dependent on the Anchor Alarm that we can't imagine spending a night without it.

— R.C., Washington

Hi Rick,

I used your gadget for several weeks during a recent trip to the BVI.
... Overall, I liked it and it worked really well, thanks for making it available.

— S.J., Colorado


... the only problems we have had have been purely operator induced. It woke us up last night because I had set the allowable swing pretty tight but that was deliberate because the wind forecast was bad and we're in a tight anchorage so I wanted to know if anything was even possibly happening.

It also woke us about a month ago, before we had ever used it. That time it was letting us know that we had a corroded output on the pass through from the inverter. I doubt you knew that it was capable of warning about that and it took me a while to figure it out too.

— R.E., Washington

Hi Rick,

I just returned from two weeks cruising in Long Island Sound and Block Island Sound... We anchored out every night, with the exception of one night when we stayed on a mooring with some friends. I was very pleased with the performance of the anchor alarm. I wired the 12 volt power cable into the lighting circuit and placed the alarm on a shelf in the vee berth. The GPS antenna cable was led out through a nearby porthole and the antenna was placed on the cabin top. This arrangement was very convenient and when I was ready to mark my position I was able to pass the alarm box out through the porthole.

On different occasions I tried setting the alarm at the point where the anchor was set (as recommended in the instructions) and also at the point where the boat had backed down on the rode (in order to get an alarm should the wind shift). Once the proper distance was set the alarm worked flawlessly. I especially liked the ability to check my distance from the original anchor point during the night (on those occassions when thunderstorms blew through the anchorage). I hope to use it a few more times this season and then my friend will bring it to the Bahamas for the winter (he anchors out all winter so it will get some good use)... I think your GPS alarm is excellent! I think you have an excellent product!

— A.T., New Jersey


I received the Anchor Alarm yesterday... thank you for prompt service.

Once unpacked, the first thing I noticed was that it was a neat looking unit. I quickly switched it on and could set it no problem after having read your article... Well done and I hope it goes well commercially...

— G.Y., Australia

Hi Rick,

We are currently anchored... The winds have been out of the south (right down the channel) averaging 15 gusting to 25. Tonight they're supposed to go to 20 gusting to 30. Because of the anchor alarm, I am not constantly looking out the window to make sure we're not drifting. I can sleep like a baby at night knowing the alarm will alert me if necessary. Even my wife is sleeping and relaxing.

Thanks again for inventing the alarm.

— B.S., Florida

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